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About Heartsease

The Heartsease app is your personal guide for meditation step by step and in easy way. It will help you in various phase of a life in Student life, Parenthood, Relationships, Emotional wellbeing and Manifesting. It will help on focus, calmness, peace, make a control on breath and gave deep solution by a session program. Its create a positive energy and addiction to make it possible daily. Its just a few minute in a day, so its build confidence in busy people. It is Natural way for making a mood and find inner peace.

Heartseases is teach you to control emotions, explore your feelings, grow up personally, find strength in helpful situation, connect to your passions, understand the pressure, feel your best, effective in mother hood, explore the guilt ,learn from fear, Plant love seeds in life, focus on real goal ,Manifest a career and knowing yourself.

Connect you to your heart

Meditation is giving you deep protection of the body. Enhances self-Awareness and can generate kindness. It promotes emotional health and control anxiety. This 7 days of practice involved in the initiation of the body response to stress.

Heartsease life

Heartsease guide in exhaustion from long hours and less sleep in this modern life. You will improve the value and possibly the quality of your life. It will consistently improve health and body. responsiveness.


Feel free from every stress

Yoga and meditation is a great activity for Peace and stress-free mind, it resolved the common nature of people. Breathe better, be happier, become more mindful, increase energy, improve more flexibility, and better all-around fitness.

Emotional Resilience

It improves the focus of mind and you will be happy, Calm & positive. Make the space in your busy life to reconnect for peace of mind. You will get that what you deserve.

Discover How Heartsease Helps You

Having a bad day? We have a conversations for that. Wanting a calm mind? We have a conversation for that. Feeling insecure? We have a conversation for that. Needing to forgive others and yourself? We have a conversation for that. Looking to feel more love? We have a conversation for that Just need to check in? We have a conversation for that others and yourself? We have a conversation for that, Discover How Heartsease Helps You

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